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TV tg3 interview: "Say with Art" Best of Italian Street Artworks


tg3 Fuori Tg

Journalist Maria Rosaria De Medici and Alfredo D'Amato

Reporter: Jorit street artist, Oriana Rizzuto art curator, Pasquale Martello

April 14th, 2023

Alfredo D'Amato, during the Fuori TG segment of TG3, interviews Yuri Catania live from the wall of Via Ventimiglia in Milan, where he is creating the artwork "Imperfect" by Giulia Ruggeri in support of the IEO-Monzino Foundation for the fight against breast cancer. The episode is dedicated to the Italian street artist, and Jorit, the biggest and most famous Italian street artist, is invited to comment on Yuri's work. The mural is included among the most significant Italian works in the social context.

Watch the program (Italian) at minute 6.33

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