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"Imperfect" uses street art to raise awareness about breast cancer.


Journalist Editorial Team

March 28th, 2023

Twenty-two photographic portraits come together in a collective artwork that can be admired outdoors and collected to support research.

Street art, Kintsugi, and NFTs: raising awareness for important causes can be achieved through art, new ways of experiencing it (such as non-fungible tokens), and even through a restoration technique that has become a powerful metaphor for life.

Kintsugi is a technique that involves repairing broken objects, particularly ceramic ones, with a special adhesive mixed with gold powder, giving them new life where there were once cracks, fractures, or imperfections. A different form of kintsugi, using gold paint, will be at the center of the artistic project "Imperfect (I'm Perfect)," which will be unveiled in Milan on April 1st and 2nd (and will be visible until July on Via Ventimiglia, in the Porta Genova area). This street art piece, created using the paste-up technique (posters affixed to walls), is the work of visual artist Yuri Catania, who previously photographed 21 women and one man who underwent breast cancer surgery (while rare, male breast carcinoma does exist).

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